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Classic Game Room – NEED FOR SPEED: PORSCHE UNLEASHED for Game Boy Advance review

Classic Game Room reviews NEED FOR SPEED: PORSCHE UNLEASHED for Nintendo Game Boy Advance from 2003, also available for Playstation 1 and PC. This CGR review of NFS Porsche Unleashed has Need for Speed Porsche Unleased gameplay. [Continue]

Classic Game Room – OUT RUN EUROPA review for Sega Game Gear

Outrun Europa review. Classic Game Room reviews OUT RUN EUROPA for Sega Game Gear from US Gold, Probe and Sega, a dreadful version of OutRun that may have been fun in 1992 but isn’t the best use of your Game Gear and batteries these days…. OurRun Europa is a dismal release in the usually amazing [Continue]

Classic Game Room – DIRT SHOWDOWN review

Dirt Showdown review. Classic Game Room reviews DIRT SHOWDOWN for PlayStation 3 PS (also available for Xbox 360 and PC) from Codemasters, a spinoff in the popular Dirt racing series concentrating on arena events, demolition derby racing and Mad-Max style vehicular combat driving. [Continue]

Cars 2 Gear Up and Go Finn McMissile Toy review Disney Figure Mattel toys Pixar

Hey guys, here we are once again doing our usual “Disney toy reviews” and today I wanna show you this wicked cool large scale car from Cars 2 called “Gear Up and Go Finn McMissile” oversized measuring 12 inches long by 7.5 inches high. It sells for $20 in all toy stores. Finn McMissile comes [Continue]

Classic Toy Room – FERRARI 308 GTS Hot Wheels review

Classic Toy Room (from Classic Game Room) reviews the FERRARI 308 GTS Hot Wheels car from Mattel. The Ferrari 308 GTS is famous for being in Magnum PI and is the timeless, cool Ferrari that inspired a generation to desperately want this car. This Ferrari 308 GTS Hot Wheels toy featured in the video review [Continue]

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