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GTA IV Police Patrol – GTA IV Police Patrol Day 4

I am playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I have modded this game with LCPDFR so that i am able to be a cop. I enjoy playing this and with different vehicels its loads of fun to play. I record these videos and upload them because it is really simple and easy. [Continue]

Let’s Play GTA San Andreas – Police Always on my Back

Police EVERYWHERE! It like what the hell where they like stalking me or something!? [Continue]

GTA Police Chases – GTA Chase Series Episode: 5

Episode 5 of GTA Chase series! [Continue]

Yogscast – Simon Plays! – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (feat. Yorkshire Police)

A normal day in the life of a British policeman of the Yorkshire Constabulary. [Continue]

Let’s Play GTA San Andreas – Stealing Police Motorbikes

Ok thats the bikes covered. Where getting close to this awesome mission. [Continue]

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