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Things Are Tough All Over

Cheech and Chong are at it again in this, their fourth film. But, this is the first time they’ve appeared on the screen in dual roles. Tommy Chong plays Prince Habib, a maniacal Arab, as well as the famous spaced~out wanderer. Richard “”Cheech”" Marin is Habib’s wily brother, Mr. Slyman, in addition to his usual [Continue]

Let’s Play GTA San Andreas – Just Taking Over Gang Hoods

This was the boring part of the game taking the hoods over. [Continue]

Stuck Accelerator Takes Woman on Ride over 110 mph

A woman was filmed frantically swerving to avoid fellow drivers after her accelerator allegedly became stuck down on a US highway. Lori Ubelstad barrelled down the interstate highway in Missouri last Sunday at speeds of up to 190km/h, zigzagging through traffic, weaving through a construction zone and careening down the motorway’s grassy [Continue]

Let’s Play GTA San Andreas – Taking Over More Gang Territory

Boring part of the game but it has to be done! [Continue]

Man Run Over by Taxi in Montreal

“Man Run Over by Taxi in Montreal” Tags: Montreal quebec canada taxi cab taxicab driver hit and run ran over car Boulevard Saint Laurent Rue Rachel Ouest blood bloody graphic cell phone [Continue]

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