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GTA V – News – Vehicle.ide from GTA in Max Payne 3

Grand Theft Auto V News Video Follow our GTA V Show for more news and updates: =================================== Vehicle.ide from GTA found in Max Payne 3 data files. Recently Twisted89, Fantaseb and zzcool from have discovered inside Max Payne 3′s code a file called vehicle.ide, a typical file with various [Continue]

Driving Sports Reports – Extra! Best and Worst from 09 LA Auto Show

We run down the five best and five worst cars from this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. See the full article here: [Continue]

Biker Mice From Mars – “Driver’s Ed”

The Biker Mice From Mars are reduced to the “Motor Car” Mice From Mars when their motorcycles are stolen by Ronaldo Rump and his evil minions. Just one problem -while they may be the universe’s baddest mamajammers on bikes, nobody ever taught them how to drive a car! [Continue]

Mobile Robotics & Driverless Car Research Platform – ByWire XGV from TORC Robotics

ByWire XGV™ – Drive-by-Wire Mobile Robotics Platform – The XGV provides an integration-ready, drive-by-wire controlled ground vehicle and mobile robot platform for researchers and developers of unmanned vehicles. Jump start your research by staying focused on developing more advanced robotic technologies. – [Continue]

Let’s Play GTA San Andreas – Getting Workers From my Garage

We finally arrive at the second city and start our business with the garage. [Continue]

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