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Appeal expected today over Detroit police whistle-blower documents

DETROIT — Despite a judge urging them not to, City of Detroit lawyers on Thursday will appeal a ruling ordering the release of documents surrounding a secret deal to conceal tawdry text messages between Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff.

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Mercedes to SLK buyers: You’re younger than you think

You’re never too old to own a roadster. At least Mercedes-Benz hopes so. As BMW, Porsche and Audi chase younger drivers with their premium roadster offerings, Mercedes is targeting older customers with its SLK-class model.

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Microcar MC1

What’s this, another weird electricmobile?

Weird yes, electric no. It’s a petrol-fed, twin-cylinder featherweight city car that claims 65mpg. On paper the vital stats of the Microcar seem to make sense: low weight, low emissions, low insurance, low running costs and tepid performance. Hell, it’s not even classed as a car – it’s a quadricycle.

Doesn’t sound like a familiar car company. Who are they?

The Microcar is manufactured by the Groupe Bénéteau, a French company better known for boat building. It started building small cars when France introduced a law that states you don’t need a licence to drive certain small cars. They seem to be popular in rural Spain and other places where people basically want a scooter with a roof. For Almond farmers and ambitious/stubborn families, there is a LWB four-seater version available, which is 275mm longer. Or a LWB two-seat version if you’re greedy.

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Lancia Delta

This is the car that will relaunch Lancia in the UK market – after an absence of 14 years. The new, more upmarket Delta hatchback, unveiled today, is designed to overcome memories of catastrophic rust, reliability and aftersales problems.

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