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Butterfly – UK

June 2009 This rare and intimate portrait explores a young Scottish womans perspective about living with albinism. The condition has often made Gemma an outsider but she is equally determined to lead a normal life. Gemma Sherry was born in 1984, The nurses told my mum theyd never seen a baby as fair as me. [Continue]

★ The Secret World ★ – Faction Rank Quest – To Catch a Thief

=SPOILER= Quest for Faction Rank 6 When u get the acquired amount of xp, you will receive a quest to increase your faction ranking. If you accidentally reject or pause it, you can go back to your faction city to get it. Questgiver: Auto-acquired or Initial Contact area in Seoul(Dragon), Templar(London) or New York(Illuminati) Click [Continue]

DOUCHE CARD! (5.9.12 – Day 1105)

Montage rules: * keep only footage from year 3 * keep between 5-7 mins * no copy written music. Use only Me Vs Hero, We The Kings, or Boyce Avenue * upload to ur YouTube then send to @CharlesTrippy on twitter * deadline 5-14-12 Get your own shirt or hoodie here! also get a [Continue]

GTA 3 – Walkthrough – Unique Stunt Jumps #18 – Francis International Airport (Shoreside Vale)

Grand Theft Auto III Unique Stunt Jump Guide / Walkthrough Video in High Definition Unique Stunt Jump No. 018 Location: Francis International Airport, Shoreside Vale (Liberty City) For more, visit: ● ● http [Continue]

GTA San Andreas – Mission #78 – Key To Her Heart

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough – Mission No. 78 – Key To Her Heart Mission for: Woozie / Wu Zi Mu Mission Objectives: Get to Caligula’s Palace casino, follow the Croupier to a shop and get a gimp suit. Once you get the gimp suit get outside the shop and follow her to her [Continue]

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