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Could a drop in car thefts be good news for the cost of insurance policies?

Recently released car theft statistics for 2010 in the UK could be welcome news for car owners looking for cheap motor insurance. The figures showed that levels of car crime had dropped significantly over recent years to a new low figure of 107,000 per year. This was a decline of 37 per cent since 2006 [Continue]

Car Insurance Fraud Sting Catches 61 in New York

Car Insurance Fraud is a serious problem over here in the UK with people intentionally causing crashes with the aim of claiming damages on the car’s insurance and in some cases demanding compensation for fabricated injuries. In New York people had been going one step further where they were hiring middlemen to “steal” their [Continue]

Infamous Car Insurance Premiums for the Famous

Celebrities have it easy, right? They get the best seats in restaurants, they can walk to the front of most queues and they can grab just about anything for free as long as they’re willing to shake someone’s hand and smile for a photograph. Yet celebrities will not find car insurance companies quite so forthcoming. [Continue]

Car Insurance : Super Security for Cars

One of the desires of people around the world is to own a car. That wonderful utility machine that proves its relevance on various fronts. Firstly, it relieves people from the problems of commuting in a big way. No longer do they have to wait for buses or taxis or jostle with other passengers for [Continue]

Green Car Sales Accelerate But Does That Mean Cheaper Car Insurance?

Talk about green cars has gone on for a long time now but only until recently has this talk been matched by action. Recent releases by some the world’s top brands has seen green cars become very popular. As well as green cars, electric cars are also seeing an upturn in fortunes as people look [Continue]

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