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Let’s Play Fallout 3 – Part 54 – Those! III [Roleplay]

Let’s Play Fallout 3 [Roleplay]. After clearing the Grayditch Auto Services, Albert heads underground, down to the Marigold Station, hoping to find the source that Doctor Lesko mentioned in his notes. Click ‘Like’ and ‘Add to… Favorites’ if you like this video. Helps me make more! And tell me what you think in the comments below. See the full show: – - – - Let’s Play Fallout 3 [Roleplay] w/ Zemalf [HD] [1080p] Slow-paced roleplay in the Capital Wasteland. This series is *not* Dead is Dead. I’m improvising Albert’s story as I play. I haven’t planned beforehand what kind of man he’ll become. Albert’s journey and destiny will unfold as the let’s play goes on. Playlist (all episodes): MODS: – - – - Gameplay and commentary by Zemalf “Occasionally thoughtful, slow-paced let’s play videos” CHANNEL: WEB: LIVESTREAM FACEBOOK: TWITTER: – - – - FOR MORE FALLOUT VIDEOS AND OTHER LET’S PLAYS, GO TO: