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Glee-Cap – Glee-Cap: Big Brother Episode Recap – Facebook Fan Page! – Subscribe to ClevverMusic! – Follow Us! Your weekly Glee-Cap is back, and we’re recapping last night’s ‘Big Brother’ episode! Hey guys, you are watching ClevverMusic. The weeks of waiting are over; Quinn’s fate was finally revealed and Matt Bomer guest-starred on this week’s Glee. Our favorite head Cheerio was revealed in a wheelchair, back at school, and determined to walk again after the car crash that lost the use of her legs. Quinn helped repeat the message to us all: NEVER text and drive. We also see the beginning of a new friendship with fellow wheel-bound Artie. With Sue Sylvester’s baby on the way, Principal Figgins has made Roz Washington (AKA Real Housewife Nene Leakes), new co-coach of the Cheerios, and Sue’s not having it. In order to stay on top, Sue decides to jump on board the Glee club to help them get to Nationals for the $10000 and hopefully get her head coach spot back. Guest starring on this week’s Glee was Matt Bomer, who plays Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson. Cooper’s a hot shot Hollywood actor (in commercials), and has everyone is swooning over him, including Sue, who finds out she is having a baby girl… awwwww. Big brother Cooper pays a visit to the choir room, and after upstaging Blaine in a duet of ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran, puts on a private ‘actor’s master class’ for the Glee club. We learn about Blaine’s Big Brother demons, and in the end the two brothers reconcile their differences with