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Pavitra Rishta – Episode 736 – 08-03-2012

After the party ends, Purvi asks Archana to leave with Manav as Vinay wanted to talk to her. She tells Archana that Vinay would drop her home. Besotted with Purvi, Vinay gifts a pair of earrings. He states that he wanted her to wear the earrings. On their way back home, Manav notices Archana drinking water repeatedly. He believes that Archana did not eat food at the party and so he stops his car next to a roadside eatery. Manav tells Archana that he knows that she was hungry and hence has ordered for pav-bhaji for her. Tej is excited to see the number of gifts Purvi has received. In excitement, Tej decides to open Purvi’s gifts. Purvi asks Tej to open every gift very carefully. Purvi gets excited when she notices Manav’s name on the wrapper of the gift. Manav gifted Purvi a Punjabi suit. Tej feels bad as she had once again lost an opportunity to meet Purvi’s father. Purvi tells Tej that the gift is precious to her since Manav gave it. Tej looks at the Punjabi suit and states that her father too has similar choice in purchasing clothes. In the middle of the night, Arjun recollects his and Manav’s conversation. Manav had mentioned to Arjun that he was happy to see him at her party. He had also said that he was happy that Arjun cared about other people’s feelings and was socializing as well. Arjun has absolutely no clue why he was feeling restless. To keep his mind off from getting distracted, Arjun decides to work. He gets restless when he fails to find a certain file. With