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Just Mohabbat – Episode 2 – Full Episode

The seniors commend Jay’s sacrifice in front of all the other students and give him a farewell. Gautam gives Jay a farewell present when the two start tussling. Jay promises to write to Gautam and expresses his concern over what will happen at home when he has to face parents. Jay’s teacher comes up to him and consoles him. While, Jay is on his way back, his parents are on their way to receive him but fight with each other in the car. Jay returns home and walks to the grave of his pet squirrel when Dezmin approaches him. Further, Jay along with his parents sit down for dinner when his mother asks Jay about what happened at the hostel. What will Jay tell them? Will he land in trouble? Watch this thrilling episode to find out. Just Mohabbat is a story of a sensitive young boy, Jay and his wonder days of school and growing up. Jay lives in a hostel in Dehradun away from his parents Maya and Raj and his sister Priya. The story is about Jay and his imaginary friend who he adores. It tells stories of growing up: school, teachers, girls, lectures, friendship, best friends and first love. It also deals with how the decisions made by the parents and the way they behave with their children and in society, impacts the children’s personality and lifestyle. Every child is a little insecure and it is the parent’s responsibility of providing them with love and comfort and a secure environment to grow up in. Just Mohabbat is a story that shows the lighter side of the teenage years and