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- Startups – All Ask Jason – TWiST #283

1:00 Welcome everyone, we have a great All Ask Jason episode today. 3:30 Welcome back, Tyler. How are you doing? 6:45 Thank you to our friends at MailChimp for supporting the show! 11:15 Rudy has a question for Jason: “I attempted to do an integration with Indeed and was told that, to work with Indeed, they require that you don’t work with SimplyHired, their competitor. I think that’s seriously anti-competitive, but they won’t budge. I emailed founder Rony Kahan and he had someone from the team confirm this policy. Is this an ethical business practice? What would your response have been to this?” 17:30 Jon’s question: “As a young company, we want attention from clients and investors, not other companies looking to copy our model. How does a startup balance seeking exposure and telling a good story with the potential risk of attracting the wrong attention from copycats and patent trolls? 20:15 Tyler, you’ve had this experience a little bit with Skweal, haven’t you? 22:30 Describe your new Model S in 3 words? 24:15 Thank you to GoToMeeting for supporting the show! To sign up for a free 30-day trial, use the promo code ‘START.’ 26:30 Kathryn’s question: “While I don’t believe people’s personal lives are for me to judge, do you think it is a good idea to go to Hoosters on a company outing and then post a photo of it online? What about the GoDaddy CEO who posed with an elephant he had killed while wearing a company logo hat?” 35:00 Next up, we have a question from Scott