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Aati Rahengi Baharein – Episode 91 – 09-02-2003

Neetu tells Rashmi that she cannot accompany her to the temple as she has to rush back to her place before her father arrives. Rashmi then hires an auto and leaves. She meets Sonali who accompanies her to the temple. On the other hand, while decorating Amar’s bike with flowers, Chandrakant sees Rajnikant following them and tells Amar about it. Amar speeds up his bike and Rajnikant follows him in an auto. However, after a long chase, Amar manages to give Rajnikant a slip. But before he can reach the temple, he gets caught by a traffic police for breaking the traffic rules. Meanwhile, Rashmi and Sonali reach the temple and get worried when Dr. Sahani, who was already present there, tells them that Amar has not yet reached. Rashmi calls Amar, but is shocked when Madhu answers her call.