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Episode 90

Nishant tells Anushka that he has written a poem. Manna’s injury has still not healed and hence Kiran and Pallavi keep him locked in the room so that he doesn’t exert himself. Rosa comes to Sudha’s house late at night to meet Ronnie. Akshata dislikes this as Rosa is drunk and asks her to leave. Rosa gets furious and leaves from there. Some goons come to Manna’s house and forcibly take Bhushan along with them to repair a car. Manna is locked in the room and hence is unable to help Bhushan. Kiran and Pallavi get tensed as Manna informs them about it. Manna is furious with Kiran and Pallavi and asks them to lodge a complaint with the police immediately. Bhushan repairs the car of those goons and then they let him go. Bhushan is petrified.