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Episode 68 – 18-01-2007

Baa asks Suryakant how he could have made the mistake of bringing Saraswati back home! She says that he should have found out the reason why Bhavishya had hit her but Suryakant refuses to believe that a docile Saraswati could ever be at fault. Dhara phones Menka to inform her that Satyakam was on his way to her house, and if he found out, then they would never be able to save Saraswati and Bhavishya’s relationship. Suryakant sees Satyakam and says that he wants to talk about Bhavishya and Saraswati but just then, Menka manages to send Satyakam to Saraswati’s room. Baa says that they must speak only to Nekchand and Dhara, and not to Satyakam. Satyakam asks Saraswati how the accident had occurred, so Gauri replies that she had fallen down the stairs. He is shocked and says that Bhavishya had mentioned it was a car accident! Savitri tells the girls that Suryakant didn’t want to make them worried and dejected, so he had lied to them. Meanwhile, Dhara tells Nekchand that they must try and win back the trust of the Garodias right away. When Nekchand says that they can’t talk as long as Satyakam was in that house, Dhara phones Menka. Menka then requests Satyakam to take the three sisters to the temple to pray for the well-being of Saraswati and Bhavishya. On the other hand, Yuvraj gives Rasilibai more money and seeks her permission to take Kajri outside for a while. Gauri sees Yuvraj pass by in a car with a girl but the sisters don’t believe her. Yuvraj tells Kajri that she will