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Kareena Kareena – Episode 132 – 02-06-2005

Kareena lies to her Grandpa that Tushar is Prem’s friend and only he can patch up between her and Prem. Grandpa insists on tagging along with them. Tushar and Kareena are compelled to go to Prem’s house. They reach there and tell Prem about the incident. Prem thinks of a plan. Accordingly, Tushar locks Grandpa in the car saying that the car lock is not working. He leaves, saying that he is going in search of a mechanic. Tushar and Kareena leave for Chamatkar Bhavan and meet Tribhuvan. Tribhuvan reveals to Kareena that he was faking the heart attack. When Tushar arrives in the room, Kareena tells him that Tribhuvan is not sick.