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12/24 Karol Baug – Episode 38 – 03-11-2009

Neetu is surprised when the police stop Vickys car claiming it to be stolen. Vicky tells her that it is just a joke and they will get out in a few minutes. But a scared Neetu runs away from the spot. Meanwhile, Simi is sulking in a classrom. But Abhi reaches there and does all crazy things to make her smile. Manju again begins her efforts to look for a groom for Simi. Meanwhile the police follow Neetu, who tries to hide from them, but eventually gets caught. Vicky reaches there and saves her. He tells her that it was a prank and a part of a bet to steal the car. He also gets her mobile back from the police. He then drops her home and asks for a kiss in return for the help. Neetu hears her father call out from inside.