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GreenLight – Pedestrian Traffic Lights – Cartoon videos with safety road rules

GreenLight is a cartoon series for childrens about road safety educational videos. Lucio is going to teach us the importance of pedestrian traffic lights and also what we should do when we see one. Victor isn’t quite clear about it and we will see what happens when he doesn’t pay attention to the explanations and crosses the street without paying attention to Lucio’s cousins. A traffic agent with greenlight explain with examples the security on a car, bus or when you walk in the street. This educational videos help to learn about the basic Traffic road Safety Regulations in a funny way with Green Ligth. Kids educational videos about traffic signs, security, safe driving… Cartoon educational animation for kids and family Produced by © Motion Pictures, SA – Format 26×5′ – 3D HDTV Target: 4 to 8. View more videos about traffic security: Suscribe to the channel: View other cartoon series: Motion Pictures social: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: