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Fixin’ Things With MattG – How To Pimp Your Ride!

Its auto repair for dummies meets extreme arts and crafts with tools! WOOT another fixing things :D since you guys demanded it so much. This is one ive been wanting to do for awhile now. A pimp my ride spoof/parody sort of! So anyway.. I fix this car real good and you will see that in the video! Are you still reading? if you are comment “i totally read the whole description but didn’t poop my pants because im a cool kid” 200k Subscribers video next tuesday! follow me on twitter (@mattg124) to find out how to see it filmed live Music by CRUNK WITCH All my social networking SEND ME STUFF MattG124 PO Box 24116 301 OXFORD ST W. London ON Canada N6H5C4 MERCH: Join my online community! Email me Snuggie Cat Facebook Group Almost daily videos here!! Facebook Myspace: Twitter: Dailybooth: Stickam Googleplus: Idooble: I likea do da cha cha