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Tony Scott Commits Suicide, Fisker Karma Recall

First up, after a 12-year hiatus spent battling Parkinson’s disease, Michael J Fox is set to return as the lead character in an upcoming NBC comedy series. The Back to the Future star will play a father of three who struggles with the degenerative nervous system disorder. Fox has made a few cameo appearances over the years in shows like The Good Wife & Curb Your Enthusiasm, but this marks his first long-term committment since 2000. In a statement NBC made Fox was praised as “utterly relatable, optimistic and in class by himself”. And we couldn’t agree more, the actor has worked tirelessly through his foundation to find a cure for Parkinson’s, and a new drug regimen has allowed him to control the tics associated with the disorder, allowing him to return to acting. Fox’s new untitled series will debut next fall. Next up, that Fisker Karma is one red hot car…and by red hot we mean on fire! Apparently a faulty cooling fan in the sleek luxury car has lead to two fires, prompting the company to recall all 2000 Karmas on the road. Yikes. This is especially bad news for the struggling auto manufacturer as they’ve been plagued with setbacks all year. They’ve gone through multiple CEO changes, development freezes, missed deadlines and financial controversy over a government loan worth half a billion dollars. And now, piling on this snowball of misery is the unfortunate recall, which will hit high-profile customers including Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio. Let’s