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The Walking Dead: The Game Walkthrough – Episode 2 – Starved for Help Part 4 (Ending)

The Walking Dead: The Game Walkthrough – Episode 2 : Starved for Help Hope you enjoy! This part of my Walking Dead Walkthrough includes the last four chapters of episode 2: Starved for Help Chapter 5: The Meat Locker (Key Points) – Talk to everyone on the meat locker – Larry faints and you have to decide if you want to try and help him or kill him. – Speak with Clementine – Talk to Lily after investigating the air conditioner. – Investigate Larry’s body and take the coins out of his left pocket. – Send Clementine through the air duct. Chapter 6: Escape (Key Points) – In the slaughter room you can choose one of three weapons: take the hay hook off the shelf, or take the sickle from a shelf or you can take a cattle stun gun standing on the shower ledge – Leave the slaughter room – Watch Dan set the trap. – When you open the door again quickly press the button to attack Andy or you’ll be shot and die. – You can choose to kill Dan or not. Clementine will remember your decision. – Outside the barn Carly/Doug and Ben will show up. – Approach the house and enter – Approach Brenda and keep talking to her, whenever she points the gun at you stop moving and talk with her or else she will shoot you and you’ll have to start over. – Back outside, Kenny will be shot by Andy. After Carly shoots Andy or Doug points his laser pen at Andy’s eyes, struggle with him. – Lily will shoot Dan if you helped Larry. Punch him using the commands given. – You can choose to kill Andy or leave him to