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Pirivom Sandippom 03/23/12

Karthik consoles Jothi by saying that everything will be all right after a period of time. When he talks about Revathy, Jothi asks him to stop speaking about her and she says that Revathy will be her enemy hereafter. Jothi calls her friend Kasturi and asks her to come to the register office. When Dhanam enters Jothi’s room she finds nobody there and she is shocked that Jothi has eloped. On the way to the register office Sangeetha stops the car to get garlands for the marriage. While she is on the garland shop Shanmugarajan’s friend Selvam notices Sangeetha and he also finds everybody in the car. Selvam calls to Shanmugarajan and he tells him about Sangeetha in the garland shop. Shanmugarajan rushes to Jothi’s room and he finds Dhanam and Revathy crying. Later everybody come to know that Jothi has escaped from the temple. Shanmugarajan feels sad and apologises to his family members. Aravind’s father becomes angry and yells at Shanmuagarajan & his family. Shanmugarajan feels ashamed.