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GTA San Andreas – “Gray Imports Fail and a lot of Raging”

Hope you enjoy! If you do, Subscribe, Like and Favourite! Liking the playthrough? How bout you stay up to date with it! SUBSCRIBE! Let’s Play GTA San Andreas Walkthrough / Playthrough (PC) W/ Commentary – “Gray Imports Fail and a lot of Raging” 1) I go to the gray imports mission and fail… *SIGH* I basically had the mission but at the last minute, the dealer ran away in his car… 2) I end the video with some rage… Kill some Ballas and get caught by the police. 3) As I respawn in the police station I drive to some random place where there is a mega car explosion. One after the other, the cars blow up and I die in the process… This is a pretty fail video but funny none the less. Hope you enjoy it!