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Amazon Takes Kindle to the Cloud!

GeekBeatTV #225: Kindle books hit the cloud, cars as network points, skittering robotic critters and a Kinect-powered monkey that follows your movements. Amazon Cloud Reader Amazon has brought the Kindle app experience to the cloud, and in so doing, gets around Apple’s 30% cut on in-app purchases! Wi-Fi in Every Car Ford is looking at way to make every car a point on a network. These smart cars would be able to communicate with each other for greater safety and traffic management. Hexbugs So, will cockroaches inherit the Earth, or will it be robots? Turns out there’s no need to choose! Kinect Meets Stuffed Monkey Ready for a stuffed monkey to ape your every movement? A Kinect hack makes it possible. Sponsored by ANHosting Want simple and affordable hosting of your web endeavors? ANHosting has been doing that since 2001, and if you use this link you’ll get your first three months free! Twitter Facebook Cali on Twitter What’s your favorite Cali tshirt?!?! Thanks for watching Geekers!