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Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal Kallooriyin Kadhai 04/17/12

While Saravanan sleeps on the roadside, two policemen suspect him and take him to the Police Station. Canteen Murugan comes on the way and he wishes the policemen as he already knows them. He gets to know that this boy is a student of ASAL College and requests the policemen to send him with him. Saravanan comes to Murugan’s house. Murugan advises him that he should take this as a challenge to prove to his father. He also tells his flashback saying that he was also sent out of his house by his father and after a long struggle only he is capable of running four canteens in four different colleges. Saravanan starts admiring him. While Ashok is upset, Vimal asks him to help in his invention, but Ashok says no. Bala and Kaathaadi become tensed and they don’t know where Saravanan has gone. They inform Divya about the problem and she gets a huge shock. Surprisingly, Saravanan comes to college with Canteen Murugan. Friends console Saravanan but he leaves the place as he becomes very emotional. Divya feels for him and is unable to control her tears. When Algates sleeps at the college terrace, Harini comes there and asks him how he could sleep when everybody fled because of the earthquake. He say that he did not feel anything, but the building starts to shake again heavily and both of them leave the terrace immediately. Algates asks her to come with him in his car. His bodyguards welcome Harini as they think that this girl is loving their boss Algates. In the car, they put a love