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LA Noire – Rockstar Pass

LA Noire Rockstar Pass Explained SUBSCRIBE to THE RED DRAGON TWITTER: GAMING NEWS: http LA Noire Strategy Guide: Rockstar Pass Trailer: The Rockstar Pass is a new way to pre-order DLC for LA Noire. Purchase of the Rockstar Pass grants access to seven pieces of DLC, including two unreleased cases available later this summer. From May 31 — June 13, the Rockstar Pass will be available at the discounted price of $10.00 (PlayStation Network) / 800 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE), a 50% total savings versus purchasing each piece of content individually. Beginning June 14, the Rockstar Pass can be purchased for $12.00 (Playstation Network)/ 960 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE), a 40% total savings versus purchasing each piece of content individually. Once purchased, the Rockstar Pass enables gamers to download all announced DLC for free as it becomes available on the Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE. The announced DLC includes all the standalone pre-order cases, collectibles, challenges, and all associated PSN trophies and Xbox LIVE achievements. DLC available for download with the Rockstar pass as of May 31, 2011 includes: The Chicago Piano Machine Gun (Free) The Chicago Piano, used by both law enforcement officers and criminals, was favored for its reliability, ergonomics, compact size, large 45-round cartridge, and high rate of automatic fire. This bonus weapon will be stored in