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GTA San Andreas – Tips & Tricks – The Blue Hell

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition =================================== The Blue Hell – Blue Hell is the name given by player to the area underneath the land of a game – the definition “blue” is because normally this area is colored blue. In almost every GTA you can reach Blue Hell through various glitches like holes in roofs, terrain, etc. Normally if you fall down in Blue Hell you’ll fall for a few seconds, then respawn on the nearest street. A lot of players confuse Blue Hell with Heaven. Heaven is the Universe of Hidden Interiors and is normally placed above, in the sky – far, far away from the fly height limit – and differently from Heaven, inside Blue Hell there’s nothing to see except a different point of view of the game land. Audio file(s) provided by =================================== Game available on Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox & PC Video recorded on: Personal Computer =================================== For more info and videos, visit: ● ● http ● ● http