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Aval 04/19/12

Jayanthi feels that Col Swaminathan was not normal in the ashram and asks him the reason. But he hides the truth. Manibharathi offers food for ashram peoples and he feels it is blissful. Guru asks Manibharathi to come with his family next time. He feels sad and starts to think about his past life. Manibharathi’s sister comes to see her brother & advises him to come home but he refuses. His sister convinces him and makes him to come along with her. Shalini calls Nandha and asks him to come to the registrar’s office immediately. Nandha reluctantly agrees. Shalini arranges the marriage between her friend Revathy and Nandha’s friend Vijay. Nandha is happy to see them. Shalini appreciates Nandha. At night, Jayanthi brings her father Col Swaminathan to the ashram by car. Meantime Manibharathi and his sister come that way, by seeing this Col Swaminathan gets tensed and informs Jayanthi that he left his mobile in car itself. So jayanthi goes to the car and searches for it, Manibharathi and his sister cross the place. Swaminathan relaxes. Jayanthi and Col Swaminathan meet the guru in the prayer hall and get his blessings, guru tells them about Manibharathi and his good sense. Jayanthi gets irritated by hearing that name, Col Swaminathan console Jayanthi.

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