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Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal Kallooriyin Kadhai 04/03/12

Karthi tries to imitate some popular love scenes of tamil films to impress girls in his college. All these attempts ends in a hilarious comedy and even his friends cannot control Karthi’s overdose of romantic feelings. Vimal and Ashok seek Skakthi’s help for their invention, but he asks them some basic questions regarding theories, but they are unable to answer. He says that they must have more clarity on their project. This makes them upset. Some local rowdies waiting at an auto stand to attack their enemy. TRfan comes there and asks them whether the auto will come to adyar? The guys says NO! TRfan speaks to them in a funny attitude and this makes them irritated and one guy slaps him and he falls on the road. TRfan realize that these guys are terror boys and cannot escape from them. luckily, he see karthi coming on his bike and get surprised. He challenge the rowdies that he will show his real power now. He tell karthi to smash the guys, but karthi says that he had changed a lot and cannot do a street fight. Karthi leaves the place. Local guys starts beating TRfan. Jyothika sees Karthi speaking casually with the students and feels very happy for his attitude change. Karthi watches the tamil movie ‘Sethu’ on DVD and decides to try what Vikram did it on the film. He kidnaps an Iyer girl, ties her hands, put a plaster on her mouth and keeps her alone in a lonely place.