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Khote Sikkey – Episode 26 – Full Episode – 23rd April 2011

The bomb in the car park has been diffused, but Inspector Deshmukh’s instincts say that that it is a decoy and warns the kids that the threat to the CM still persists. They suspect an American guest who has been a regular at the hotel. The 5 heroes are in the thick of things, keeping a sharp lookout, trying to decode the assassins’ plot, while Deshmukh ensures that the security in the hotel is on high alert. Meanwhile, the assassins, Yakub and Sadia, are methodically going ahead with their ingenious plan. They have a network of terrorists in the hotel to help them succeed in their mission to annihilate the top businessmen of the country along with the CM and other dignitaries. Deshmukh and the “Khotey Sikkey” are once again up against their most dangerous adversary who has a score to settle with them. Somewhere in a plush South Bombay night club a young 22 year old over doses on drugs. Somewhere else a drunken 20 year old runs over sleeping street dwellers. Somewhere else a small group of 18 year olds get into a rabid fight after a rock concert – the rich in the city are getting richer by the day – their crimes are getting more random & more uncontrollable – the cops in the city are not able to deal with it – they cannot relate to the rich youth – they cannot understand their problems & they cannot help them in any possible way. Not only can they not understand or relate to them but they are also unable to investigate these crimes thanks to the clout and connections the