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Parvarish – Episode 38 – 11th January 2012

After the humiliation, Ginni and Rashi deides to leave the farmhouse and manages to find an auto as there were no drivers who could drive them back home but a major problem occurs as Raashi didn’t find auto driver’s intentions neat thus Raashi hits the auto driver with a hammer and succeeds in escaping but they are still stuck in the middle of the jungle, there in the market, Sweety slaps Rocky as he lied to them and Pinky, Jeet Lucky and Sweety are worried. Will Raashi and Ginni succeed in reaching market before something worst occurs? ‘Parvarrish — Kuchh Khatti Kuchh Meethi’ is a beautiful narration of parent-child relationship — a story of nurturing, supporting and guiding the child and most importantly the different roles parents play while bringing up their children. The different thoughts and beliefs of parenting come alive in the strong role-play of different sets of parents and their varied approach towards upbringing of the kids. Paravrrish unfurls these diverse roles that parents play in development of their children. It is the story of real people, real emotions of parenting set in present day times.Parvarrish is an interestingly woven family drama about two sisters, Sweety Ahluwalia and Pinky Ahuja, who are caught up in a hearty sibling rivalry in their attempt to be a better parent. Each has a different set of beliefs and a different take on how one needs to bring up their children and like all the parents in today’s world, both the sisters and their