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Driving in cars with Asians

Car trips with the fam always end with fights and arguments. here are a few of my past experiences haha most of the stuff my dad said are FORREAL and serial. which is even more jokes *** Hey Angel you duh Sexy tshirts *** now available at: GET THEM NOW! How have you all been? I’ve missed you guys! This video was a crazy amount of work. took me 7 hours to film under 30 degree heat. So you can imagine how i felt in a car, with costumes/wigs too. no aircon! nooo~ lolol (too expensiver) ps dont ask for translations (for chinese) cus it’s just all gibberish LOL ^ ^ and my neighbours think im nuts Wanna thank you all for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe! xox Check out my other shizzes lol 2nd channel: 3rd vlog channel: twitter: facebook: website: po box Chonny Luc Waverley Gardens Post Shop PO BOX 1068 Waverley Gardens VIC 3170 Australia take care all! new videos out asap (lol) #prayforjapan