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Green Car Sales Accelerate But Does That Mean Cheaper Car Insurance?

Talk about green cars has gone on for a long time now but only until recently has this talk been matched by action. Recent releases by some the world’s top brands has seen green cars become very popular. As well as green cars, electric cars are also seeing an upturn in fortunes as people look to save money on buying a car and help the environment at the same time.

Recent surveys conducted show that drivers can save themselves around £300 if they switch to a low-emission vehicle, this is confirmed by experts who estimate that sales of cars that fall into the top tax band reduced by 17%. One of the benefits from having low-emission car is you pay little or no road tax.

The implications of an increase of green cars on car insurance prices are still uncertain and some experts even suggest that having a low-emission car will result in higher premiums. One question that is being asked of the green car providers is how they are recouping the money that it costs to make the product.

Certain places in London are making it more attractive to own green cars as they are reducing the charges on parking and even around 40,000 cars are now exempt from congestion charges that will end up saving drivers £2,080 a year. Whilst the cost of the car and charges occurred maybe cheaper, motor insurance may not be as cheap.

As cheap car insurance is widely available, finding the best deals for you can be easy whether it be insurance for a standard car or the new and increasingly popular green cars. Whichever type of car you choose ensure that you are fully covered and prepared for anything the roads throw at you.

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