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What you Need to Hand Before Applying for Car Insurance

Before you apply for car insurance or even if you are just after a simple quote, then you will need the following information close at hand…

• Full postcode

• Car make and model

• Registration number

• Your number of no claims discounts and the car insurance company that you gained them with

• How you plan on using your vehicle – social, domestic and pleasure or business

• Your estimated annual mileage

• Details of any claims or driving convictions in the last three years

• Where the vehicle is normally kept – Garage, drive way or on the street. If your car is secured in a garage then this will reduce your car insurance quote. However, informing the insurance company that your car is secured in a garage in the evening, when infact it’s kept on the street could invalidate your claim in the event of your vehicle being stolen.

• The details of other drivers who you want to be added to your insurance

Legal requirements

It is required by law that any vehicles past the age of three years old have a valid MOT certificate. You are unable to gain car tax for a vehicle without an MOT certificate. And without car tax or an MOT you are unable to acquire car insurance. It is an offence to drive a vehicle on UK public roads without these legal certificates.

It is also required by law that you keep your insurance company up-to-date with modifications to your vehicle or any fixed penalties to your licence.

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