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Car Insurance for the Convertible

With the warmer weather approaching, many Brits will be considering buying a convertible so that they can live the dream of driving on the open road with the wind in their hair.

However, before getting too carried away, it is important to make sure you take the time to choose comprehensive car insurance.

This is according to a leading comparison website which indicates that to insure a typical convertible vehicle you will be paying around £32 more every year than you would to insure an average hard-top car.

The site also said that they found many people who are considering a convertible don’t consider the more practical concerns and the costs involved.

As motor cover is becoming increasingly more competitive, it is important to spend the time searching for cheap car insurance to ensure that you are getting the best deal you can.

In addition to this, the website reminded motorists not to leave valuable items in their car and to make sure that it was parked in a secure place.

Another leading comparison site have recently revealed that rising car insurance costs are causing 8 per cent of vehicle owners to use their vehicle less often in order to try and keep the costs down.

In addition to people using their cars less, figures have been released which show that the sales of second-hand electric vehicles have risen by 473.5 per cent. The highest rise of sales was in East Anglia.

Hybrid cars have also seen a boost in sales as their popularity has gone up by 71.8 per cent and used diesel car sales have gone up by four percent.

Due to the effects the economy has had recently, more and more people are concerned about the extra costs of running a car and also their capacity to purchase a vehicle.

As a result of theses worries, many seem to have resorted to purchasing more eco friendly vehicles to ensure saving money.

Another way people are trying to save money on their car is by finding cheap car insurance and this seems to be a lot simpler if you are female, as women’s car insurance is a lot less due to women being statistically safer drivers.

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