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Potholes Causing Car Insurance Claims

According to a leading motoring internet site, potholes in the UK’s roads have led to a large increase in the number of people filing car insurance claims. The site have said that they have found that in most years, it’s winter that sees the biggest increase in the amount of car insurance claims filed but this year February alone has seen a huge increase in the amount of claims filed as a direct result of potholes in the UK’s roads. Claims have trebled as a result of the state of the roads and the motoring site have suggested that a figure of roughly 2,000 drivers claimed for pothole damage last month, compared with just 700 in February last year. The cause of these potholes has been blamed on the snow and the generally cold conditions that we have experienced recently and the site have suggested that claims have reached figures of 1.5m in number. The problem with a pothole is that if it’s not treated and fixed quickly, it will only grow and grow, getting worse all the time and inflicting damage on a car’s wheels, suspension and bodywork which can obviously result in a lot of money being spent to fix the damage. One of the worst problems with potholes is that when there is wet weather, they may fill up with rain, causing them to become almost invisible to the driver meaning that they have little chance of avoiding them in time. Recently, snow in the south-east and west of England caused large disruption to drivers as roads were blocked and cars were stranded, showing just how much trouble and problems weather can cause on the roads. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, it’s worth comparing car insurance quotes off the internet in order to get the best deal you can.

The amount of car insurance claims has trebled this year as a result of potholes in the UK’s roads. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance , it may be worth your while to compare car insurance quotes on the internet in order to find the best deal available to you.

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