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Married Couples Offered Cheaper Car Insurance

As many people are aware couples and married persons are likely to be more responsible in many areas regarding finance, spending and there everyday behaviour. As businesses have started to take note of the cautious approach to life often taken by married people savings are being offered, in particular for car insurance.

In the eyes of insurers a married couple that are sharing a car are less likely to cause or be part of an accident. As mentioned this is because married people are seen as being more cautious in their actions. According to insurers this is reflected on the roads where married drivers adopt a more responsible approach to driving opposed to people who are not married. This makes married drivers less likely to have an accident on the roads and therefore less likely to claim on their insurance, hence why they are being offered cheaper premiums. It is calculated that an additional saving of around £50 can be made by updating a person’s status to married when renewing or purchasing a car insurance policy. This is a relatively simple action to make a substantial saving but it is thought a considerable number of drivers are missing out on this as they have failed to update their marital status, either because they have not taken the time to or are not aware that doing so could save them money on their premium costs. It is however hoped that with the economic recession hitting consumers hard they do not start to get married to make a saving on car insurance!

Cheap car insurance can be obtained by single people also, so do not fear. The amount you pay often depends on the type of car insurance policy taken out and whether time is taken to compare car insurance providers.

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