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Workers Risking Their Car Insurance

There are many professions that require you to drive and be mobile as a part of your job. These professions could include anything from travelling to another office in the company to being a travelling representative for a company. Many companies recognize this element of employees work and provide company cars or compensate their workers for the extra money spent in petrol.

The problem is that if your employer does not offer a company car suitably insured and you have to use your own car instead then you are putting your car insurance at serious risk. Under normal car insurance cover you are permitted to drive to your place of work or to the train station car park, if you use your car for anything more than that with regards to your occupation then you need to apply for extended cover in the form of declaring the car will be used for business too.

If your car is not covered for Business Mileage then the insurance company may not cough up when you make a claim whilst using your car for work. This means that if you go on a training course or transport the day’s takings to the bank then you could be putting yourself at extra risk.

So why are people not being offered company cars for work? Well in a growing number of cases where companies offer company cars the workers are declining them due to issues over tax to be paid on them. For a long time now over two thirds of workers have claimed back mileage allowance from their employers, but employers have not informed employees that they need to include business use in their car insurance

All insurers will ask when applying for car insurance quotes what kind of usage the vehicle will be involved in whether it’s personal or business and this is a factor that is fairly inexpensive to add to your current policy, in some cases it doesn’t add anything extra. In future make sure that no matter how frequently you use your car for work you remember to add business use to your car insurance as well as letting your employer know that they should inform all employees using their own cars needs extra insurance cover.

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