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Car Insurance – Taking Care Before Driving Abroad

There have been an increasing number of us now choosing to take our cars when visiting mainland Europe on self-drive holidays. Over 3 million Britons a year choose to travel to mainland Europe by car.

But whilst it might be more comfortable to drive a familiar vehicle, rather than shelling out for car hire, sorting out the car insurance for such a trip can be a long and costly process.

Current EU legislation means that all British drivers who hold valid car insurance are covered for third-party damage, such cover is not usually comprehensive, and can often lead to difficulties should the tourist be responsible for the accident.

Drivers are advised to check their current car insurance
Using the Green Card alongside your own car insurance documentation helps to assist you in terms of cost, for both medical and car repairs, should you run into difficulties abroad.

Ensuring you have the correct documentation before embarking on such trips is very important. By carrying the documentation for your car registration and your insurance policy in the vehicle during your travels, you have some backup should there be any problems during your trip.

Before travelling you must also take some time to research rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to. By having knowledge of the rules, valid car insurance and have your car serviced shortly before your trip, you can help make things easier for yourself should you run into difficulties during your holiday.

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