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When we think of car collectors nowadays we get the image of older gentlemen keeping many classic cars in their back gardens. For some, the money spent on restoring old models and driving them to shows and galas can be a very rewarding (if costly) hobby.

Or there’s the modern day collector – trawling the internet for rare parts, contacting other enthusiasts in internet forums and souping up conventional vehicles to bring them into the modern age – although quite why you’d want to put spoilers on an old classic is beyond me (although I guess it’s a question of choice)

For all enthusiasts, the problems of finding cheap car insurance for their vehicles remains one of the difficulties of classic car ownership.

Because of certain factors, including age and condition of the vehicle, car insurance can be an expensive part of the hobby.

If you’re going to leave the vehicle parked and just for show you are not required to have insurance on it, but for those wishing to take it for a spin every so often or to show at motor shows and other events – car insurance is required.

When phoning round companies and discussing quotes, it’s important to come to an agreement on the valuation of the vehicle – as this can be the factor that makes all the difference in how much you are likely to pay.

Some insurance companies may have a different idea of valuation than what you first thought – so it’s always worth checking out the forums of your vehicles’ owners’ clubs.

Taking the time to research your vehicle and pick up some tips on finding suitable car insurance can make all the difference when it comes to finding an affordable deal for a vintage car.

Although not all mainstream insurance companies will be able to insure some older cars, there are many companies out there who specialise in catering to the needs of the classic car enthusiast.

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