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With over 1 million cars bought last year, car manufacturers’ profits rose by around £15 million last year.

Purchasing everything in one transaction can be beneficial and also save us time. In the case of buying a car, we now have the opportunity to purchase not only the car, but also the insurance to go with it, all from the same manufacturer.

But whilst many of us feel we’re driving away from the forecourts having secured a great bargain, in regards to car insurance we may not be getting the best deal.

Many companies offer some level of car insurance, which can be purchased at the same time as the car itself. This can undoubtedly save time, but it may not necessarily be the cheapest option for you.

And whilst many manufacturers will try and tempt us with the promise of free insurance along with the vehicle itself, it’s advisable to check the cover level offered before coming down with ‘new-car enthusiasm’ and rushing into a purchase.

Check the levels of excess that are offered, and also the renewal dates of the policy if you end up taking the manufacturers insurance policy.

On the spot manufacturer insurance can seem tempting at the time, but shopping round for car insurance can lead to savings on your policy. With no end of resources out there to help us search for the cheapest car insurance quote, it can often be beneficial taking some time to search for quotes.

Once you’ve found a few quotes that are affordable for you, contact them and ask about the type of cover you’ll be getting for your money, enquire about additional extras (such as breakdown cover and windscreen repair)

By taking some time to research the market, you can save yourself some money, and also some hassle – for by sifting through the details of your policy and ensuring you understand every detail. This can save further time and hassle should you need to make a claim.

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