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Downsizing Could Save On Car Insurance

A recent study has shown that drivers who are looking to save money when it comes to spending out on car insurance could be missing out on cheaper comprehensive car insurance cover. If drivers were to downsize and opt for a smaller vehicle they could save themselves a large sum of money on their insurance, however, a recent study has shown that there are too many people who are reluctant to downsize from their current motor even if they are looking for ways to save money. A poll by a leading information website revealed that 67 per cent of those questioned said that the running costs were an important consideration when deciding on buying a car but less than 20 per cent said that they were prepared to consider trading in their current car for one with a smaller engine. The study found that the amount of people willing to consider downsizing to a smaller car was even less than the 20 per cent, at a tiny percentage of 16. Young drivers were found to be less open to the idea of downsizing their motor and women were found to be more against the idea than the men questioned. The company that conducted the survey said they have found that even in a struggling financial climate, there is still a reluctance to downgrade cars. However, for the few people who do decide to trade in their motor for a less powerful one will find that they make significant savings on their comprehensive car insurance. If you’re not willing to downsize your car but you still want to save money, it is worth searching the internet for quotes on car insurance as you may find that this can save you a lot of money.

For those people who are driving bigger cars and looking for ways to save money on their car insurance, downsizing could help save on the cover. In order to find cheap car insurance, it’s worth searching the internet in order to compare car insurance quotes on offer at different sites.

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