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Car Insurance – Get Insured or Get a Crushing Blow

Decades ago driving without car insurance has not been a big problem, people seemed to think it was harmless, but with cars becoming more expensive and cars getting into scrapes more often car insurance has become a legal obligation and if you are caught driving without it you are in for some hefty penalties.

If you are caught driving without insurance now you are likely to have your car seized and in order to get your vehicle back then you will need to pay fines, fees and produce a valid insurance cover note, if you don’t then you can kiss your motor goodbye, as it’ll either be auctioned off or you could become the proud owner of a large cube of metal and plastic dashboard.

Uninsured drivers are one of the most hated road users (yes, even more than the white van man!) as they are the biggest hurdle in a car accident if you’re unfortunate enough to collide with one of these chancers. In another cruel twist of fate these drivers who are driving around without car insurance are invariably the type of people to cause road accidents as they were probably turned down for car insurance because they weren’t safe enough.

Luckily some car insurance companies now offer extended cover for their customers that add cover for the eventuality that an uninsured driver crashes into you, a welcome addition as annoying as filing a claim against your car insurance is it can be dragged out even further when the second party has been driving around sans insurance.

What is being done about uninsured drivers then? Well aside from the aforementioned cubing of their cars they are being found out much more easily these days thanks to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras which can detect uninsured drivers instantly and a notification letter will be in the post before you even get home.

In the past some people have preyed upon the assumption that well presented, newer cars can get away with not possessing valid car insurance as police are less likely to stop them than a clapped-out car. With these cameras uninsured drivers are dropping in number in fear that they’ll have to fathom how to drive to work on the back of the steel cube that their car has become

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