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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Passing your test is a very happy time for a new driver as you can then find out about the freedom that driving can give you. However, before you can get to sample the perks, you have to get your car insurance sorted.

Car insurance companies quote high prices for young drivers as they are statistically more likely to have an accident and be a more impetuous driver. As well as this, young drivers are more likely to be victims of vandalism, theft and fire.

In order to get out on to the open road quickly and cheaply, being added to your parents’ car insurance policy is the best option, as long as they don’t drive luxury cars. If your parents already have an ‘any driver’ policy then the process will be even faster but only if the ‘any driver’ policy small print doesn’t exclude new or young drivers.

If the option of being put on to your parents’ policy isn’t available to you or you are fortunate enough to have a car of your own, then you’ll have to buy your own policy. This is likely to cost you the same price as your first car so in order to keep the price as low as possible there are a number of things that you can do:

– Get ‘third party’ cover only. This is the minimum level of cover that the law allows.

– By getting ‘third party’ cover and a cheap, small car with a low insured value, you’ll only lose the value of the car if it is irreparable or damaged.

– The fewer penalty points you get and accidents that you have, the lower your premiums.

– Avoid buying luxury cars as young driver car insurance is extremely high for these cars.

– Don’t drink and drive. A young person with a drink-driving record with find it almost impossible to get insured and if you are lucky enough to find it then it will be extortionate.
Another way to get cheap car insurance is by doing extra training. There are two courses that you can do after you’ve passed your test that help improve your driving, either Pass Plus or an Advanced Institute of Motoring course. These courses are looked favourably on by insurers and they could lower your premiums.

In order to get on to the road quickly, you can be added to your parents’ car insurance policy.

Avoid buying luxury cars as young driver car insurance is extremely high for these cars.

You could get cheap car insurance by doing extra training.

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