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Car makers shun Detroit show NAIAS 2009

The number of car makers pulling out of Detroit’s major auto show, the North American International Auto Show 2009, is growing. The very survival of Detroit is being questioned as Congress debates the $25 billion aid package to save GM, Ford and Chrysler – and now it looks as if the NAIAS is under [Continue]

Moon & Car

Moon & Car

Here is a shot from below … The rest of the week we’re touching up the ice on the car to get it ready for its final images before departing from MTU. To begin winding down the adventure we’re planning a few talks & saying au revoir to our new friends in Houghton. Read more [Continue]

Mini converter

There’s a new Mini convertible out. A new new Mini convertible, that is, not a new old Mini convertible. Right. Hang on. See, although the second generation of the new Mini was launched back in 2007, the convertible remained as the Mk1 version. Until now – Mini has chopped the top of the Mk2 and [Continue]

11/29/08 Roundup

11/29/08 Roundup

Gorgeous Panamera About a week ago, Autoblog put up a post highlighting the official photos of the new four-door Porsche Panamera. The idea of a Porsche sedan hasn’t exactly excited Porsche purists already disillusioned by the existence of a Porsche SUV, and that’s understandable. For my part, I have to admit that I’m about as [Continue]

3 Car Pile Up – Episode 3 – Exploding Engines

Sometimes all the preparation for a race means nothing, especially when your engine decides to go up in flames. Read more [Continue]

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