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Jetstream SC250 first pictures

This is the new Jetstream SC250, a Cornwall-based newcomer to Britain’s low-volume sportscar industry – and arguably the most eye-wateringly ugly car we’ve seen in a very long time. The lightweight two-seater is powered by Vauxhall’s turbo 2.0-litre unit – lifted from the Astra VXR – and it’s priced at [Continue]

Moon & Car

Moon & Car

Here is a shot from below … The rest of the week we’re touching up the ice on the car to get it ready for its final images before departing from MTU. To begin winding down the adventure we’re planning a few talks & saying au revoir to our new friends in Houghton. Read more [Continue]

Phil Hill news – R.I.P. Phil Hill – 2008

1961 Formula One world champion Phil Hill has died. The only American-born F1 world champion died after complications arising from Parkinson’s disease. He was 81. Read more [Continue]

1986 Saab 900 SPG

1986 Saab 900 SPG

This is the big one, the big Kahuna, the lustiest of my Car Lusts. One year and nearly 300 posts into this blog, we’ve finally reached my favorite car. I’ve made a point of only writing about cars that genuinely inspire my passion, and in the process I’ve repeatedly bared my various automotive psychoses. Well, [Continue]

VOD Cars in HD: Cars & Coffee

Speed & Motion does it again, with an HD episode packed full of rare and exotic cars from the Orange County “Cars & Coffee” car meet. Read more [Continue]

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