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Herfried Pucher wins in Austria

We received a brief report from Motonica on last weekend’s first Austrian Championship race that was held at the Kirchberg track, host of this years European 1/8th ‘B’ Championships. The race was won by Herfried Pucher driving the P8.0R, less than a lap ahead of Serpent driver Harald Hofer in 2nd while 3rd spot went [Continue]

3 Series just keeps on getting better

Longevity and consistency; two of the bywords that have made BMW’s 3 Series one of the most aspired-to models in the market. With the fifth generation car, BMW has, quite naturally, done little to disappoint its constituents. The look of the E90, BMW’s generational designation for the current model, is a little more distinctive and [Continue]

Lose weight – and save gas!

Lose weight – and save gas!

Lose weight – and save gas! Fuel economy demands have car companies scrambling for creative ways to get rid of excess pounds. (more) Read more [Continue]

Spycam: Lincoln Navigator with new 4.4-liter diesel

The only sign that this mule isn’t a run-of-the-mill Lincoln Navigator is dual exhaust coming out the passenger side of the Ford SUV, a fairly clear indication that Ford’s new 4.4-liter diesel engine is lurking under the Navigator‘s hood. Eariler today an F-150 mule was also caught prowling around, also with the diesel on board. [Continue]

Quick Drive: 2008 Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited

All in all, the Legacy 3.0 R Limited is a nice ride if you need a midsize sedan and want something less mundane than the typical Camry. Just don’t expect the additional comfort and luxury the Legacy offers over the WRX without a performance sacrifice. Read more [Continue]

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